Eating Frogs

     Mark Twain may have revolutionized my days with that single quote. The idea is that if you do the worst thing that you have to do first thing in the morning, then your day can only improve.

     I am going to share my daily schedule ideas with you later, but I felt like I needed to explain this idea first. In the morning, I eat frogs. I make sure that I do whatever I am dreading first so that my day can only improve. So far, this is proven to be very helpful. I feel like the rest of my day is open to more things and I can actually look forward to my day rather than dreading it because of tasks that I’m not looking forward to. I procrastinate less and feel more productive. It also makes it easier to maintain a positive outlook because I can look forward to my day. 

So, go eat some frogs and enjoy the rest of your day.



12 thoughts on “Eating Frogs

      1. Hahaha, I got it pretty well what you meant. I need to consider what I consider worst as of yet, things that I do are generally good, otherwise I just don’t them at all 😀


      2. I can understand that. Usually I try to get some exercise in the morning (similar to the cat of your previous post) 😀 That pushes myself in an active zone throughout the day and I love that


      3. That’s always my pleasure. I love the way you conclude it with a simple namaste. Are you by any chance, an Indian or someone of Indian origin?


      4. Thank you! I’m not, I do very much wish to visit India, though. I am actually Arabic and love the Buddhist philosophy as well as much of Hinduism. I love the meaning behind “namaste” and believe that it demonstrates a gratitude and respect for others that I wish to be reminded of and pass on to others.


      5. That’s true. It’s very meaningful. I hope you could make out some plans to visit India very soon and have a rich experience in there 🙂


      6. That sounds good. I’m presently in Australia, so in case if you guys have any plans anytime, let me know. And since I’m an Indian, so you can also ask me anything about India 🙂


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