Unplugged: A Day of Freedom From Our Attachment to Technology

     Yesterday, I began my day perfectly. I started my daily schedule that my husband and I made (more on that later) and was ready to take on the day. Everything seemed to be going smoothly…until I dropped my phone. It did a belly flop onto the hardwood floor. Mind you, this is the second time that I have broken the screen (on THIS phone). I immediately fell into a spiral of depression and anxiety, feeling like a screw up. More importantly, I felt isolated. We just moved to the country and I now had absolutely no way of contacting anyone all day. I couldn’t post in my online support group and I couldn’t text my husband. Every single avenue of support was gone. 

    What did I do? I stuck to my schedule. I ate breakfast, did yoga, meditated, and cleaned. I mean I really cleaned. For the past few months, my anxiety and brain lock (typically revolving around my phone) have resulted in our home being neglected, other than necessary cleaning. Yesterday, I had zero distractions and instead of dwelling on my anxiety, I stayed busy. The results were amazing. 

    I realized how much we rely on technology, specifically our phones. They are great tools and wonderful for momentary entertainment; however, they should not have as strong of a hold on us as they do. I found clarity and time that I otherwise didn’t have by not having a cell phone. For one day, I was unplugged and I really enjoyed it. 

    I encourage you to try it for a day. Turn off your phone and resist the urge to check it. Enjoy the outdoors, catch up on chores and tasks, if you have children, spend some extra precious moments with them. Free yourself from social media. One day is enough for a detox, and you will quickly realize how much you rely on your phone. Unplug yourself. 



6 thoughts on “Unplugged: A Day of Freedom From Our Attachment to Technology

  1. I’ve had similar scenerio twice and I don’t mind putting gadgets behind and actually living life the old way. As of a better idea, I’ve put my Facebook off (I deleted it permanently) and it’s working well, I’ve cut down my internet usage time (and data) significantly 😉


    1. I do that periodically also! I can’t delete my facebook account because it is how I stay in touch with family (all of mine are across the country), but I periodically remove the app for a break. It really does work wonders!


      1. That’s true. Yeah it’s better I deactivate it for a while and login back again. In my case, I figured out that most of my contacts are on WhatsApp or on emails so I’m already in touch with them and don’t really need an additional service. I’ve also applied “no internet” for the first hour after you get up. It’s also beautiful.


      2. That is great! Yes, the no screen time rule is something that I will be discussing in a future article as it pertains to my daily schedule that I am implementing. Thank you for checking this out and I am glad your similar experiences have proven helpful!

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